The donation ceremony of the 15th century Book of Gospels took place in the Virtual Hall of the Matenadaran on July 18, 2017. The donors were Mrs. Helen (Hrepsima) Dadaian-Parnagian and her brother Mr. Hriyr John Dadaian.
The manuscript, believed to have healing powers and known as “Miraculous” (Hrashapar), was kept in the St. Kevork Church in the town of Godarich located in the district of Charsanjak, Western Armenia. It was commissioned by Khoja Alexan, dedicated to his brother Gabriel and scribed in Jerusalem. The silver cover was added in 1753.
An Armenian from Godarich, whose name is unknown, had saved the manuscript during the Genocide of 1915 and brought it to Yerevan. Due to his illness in 1918, he entrusted the Gospels for safekeeping to Yeghsa Dadaian, also an immigrant from Charsanjak and the matriarch of the Dadaian extended family. 
Over the years, the manuscript has had a long journey traveling from Yerevan to France and later to the west coast of America. After the book was inherited by Helen and Hriyr, they decided to donate it to the Matenadaran, returning it back to Yerevan.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots