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  During the months of November and December, 2016, within the framework of the program Days of Grabar (ancient Armenian), the Matenadaran and Ararat Patriarchal Diocese implemented a six-week program. The program was attended by pupils of primary and high schools of Yerevan. Over two years the program was carried out by the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese, and for the first time this year Matenadaran also joined to it, aiming to present Matenadaran to the Armenian youth not only as a museum with unique manuscripts, but also as a treasury of the arts of science and literature.
  At Matenadaran, the program was not limited by teaching just Grabar; the meetings with students were also accompanied by lectures of Matenadaran’s researchers.Each week a specific sphere was selected for study: history, philology, arts, medicine and science, and about 50 pupils who were already oriented in their future profession or simply were interested in one of those fields attended the relevant lecture.

  During the program, interesting discussions and meetings took place.Based on Matenadaran’s exhibits, the pupils were given an opportunity to view the traditional preparation process of natural colours and balms from plants collected from various parts of Armenia and made with the recipes of the medieval medical manuscripts and books.
  It is expected that the annual program Days of Grabar will be periodically implemented at Matenadaran, which will enable the young generation to combine their linguistic interest of Grabar with traditional cultural realities.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots