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COMMENTARIES ON COSMOGRAPHY AND CALENDAR THEORY (7th-15th centuries), Study and texts, Julieta Eynatyan, "NAIRI" Publishing House, Yerevan-2015, 412 p.

  Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran published the study “Commentaries on Cosmography and Calendar Theory” of Julieta Eynatyan (PhD in Physics and Mathematics). Here are presented the comparison of theories of work “Patjen Tumari” (Theory of Calendar) written in VII-XV centuries according to the works of Anania Shirakatsi, Hovhannes Sarkavag, Vanakan Vardapet, Samuel Anetsi, Grigor Tatevatsi, Hacob Ghrimetsi. “Theory of calendar” work was one of the methods to preserve the independence of our Church and was established the Armenian mobile calendar for corresponding with other Christian nations’ immobile calendars.
  In this book by the author was added to the above comparisons’ interpretations hitherto unpublished four critical texts, “Meknutyun Andreasa” (Interpretation of Andreas), “Haghags Horomoc” (About Romans), “Harcumn Yevsebiosi ev pataskhanik Antoliosi” (The questions of Yevsebios and the answers of Antolios), Hovhannes Kozern’s “Meknutyun Tumari” (Theory of Calendar). This book is designed for Armenian natural sciences and especially for specialists interested in Cosmography and the history of calendar.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots