The collection of Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran has been recently enriched with the valuable works of Iranian-Armenian artists - father and son: photographer Antoin Khan Sevruguin and painter Andre (Darvish) Sevrugian. The donation was made by Andre’s son and the Sevrugian family heir Emmanuel Sevrugian.
  A year ago, on September 9, 2014, the Matenadaran signed an agreement with a German citizen 84-year old Emmanuel Sevrugian, according to which Emmanuel Sevrugian donated to the Matenadaran the collections of more than a hundred of valuable paintings and photographs inherited from his father and grandfather.

  Both photographer Antoin Khan Sevruguin and his son painter Andre (Darvish) Sevrugian are world famous artists. Their artworks are being exhibited at world’s leading museums, numerous studies have been devoted to their unique works, and several albums were published dedicated to their oeuvre.
  This is a truly exceptional and magnificent collection. Andre Sevrugian’s works are remarkable for the richness of changing colors and tones, poetic apprehension of beauty and refinement, reaching perfection. The comprehensive image of the painter’s works is characterized by multilayer cultural borrowings and interactions and through this it is perceived within the universal framework, which combines the wonderful synthesis of Christian and Islamic art. Sevrugian’s artworks, and especially the miniatures, evidently bear the mark of the old Eastern and particularly Persian culture. It is noteworthy that the painter of Armenian origin was mostly inspired by the giants of Persian poetry like Hafez, by the famous “Shahnameh” of Firdausi, by Rubaiyat of Omar  Khayyam, by the poetry of the brilliant poet-singer Sayat-Nova. This is, of course, a wonderful meeting in the circle of ancient civilizations and mutual enrichment.
Antoin Khan Sevruguin is a photographer whose exceptional talent and unique style allowed him to become a photographer at Nasir al-Din Shah's palace and one of the best masters of the portrait. His photographs attract with their artistry, especially with the sense of capturing the moment and delicate sense of interception of light and shadow. Photographer’s sharp eye saw and depicted a man and the world surrounding him, so familiar and natural, and he surprisingly could place a deep sense and expressiveness in this simplicity.
  For representing these valuable collections to the public, the Directorship of the Matenadaran provides a number of exhibitions, including thematic ones, and also a publication of albums of these two artists. It is planned to organize a seminar on this subject.
  Apart from all this, the Matenadaran emphasizes the importance of comprehensive study of these collections and putting them into scientific circulation and making it available to researchers.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots