On 23 January in the Matenadaran was held the first donation of 2015. Aleppo-Armenian  donator Sose Paronyan, with help of H. Hakobyan (Armenian Minister of Diaspora), has donated to the Matenadaran one manuscript of the 19th century “Urbatagirq” (Friday Book), five old printed books, one manuscript in Arabic script, one Turkish book in Armenian script and also seven books printed after 1801s.
  This precious collection was rescued by Sose Paronyan’s ancestors on the bloody days of the Armenian Genocide by moving from Kharberd to Aleppo. In these days, by reason of Syria’s war, when the existence of Aleppo-Armenian colony was in danger, the donator decides to carry out her parents dream and, as a source of study, donate the collection to the Matenadaran, the Armenian main manuscript depository. “The collections of the Matenadaran become richer day by day. Only the manuscript collection has been enriched with around 1500 manuscripts in the last years. But there is still an itinerant Matenadaran abroad, there are collections and separate unit samples, and we must double our efforts to return the manuscripts home,” – in his speech marked Matenadaran’s Director Hrachya Tamrazyan. He rewarded the Syrian-Armenian donator Sose Paronyan with “St. Mesrop Mashtots” Memory Medal, which will be transmitted to the addressee by the Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan”.

 The Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts after Mesrop Mashtots