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  The Matenadaran published the book “Reflections of Ancient Greek Myths in the Armenian Medieval Bibliography” by Gohar Muradyan, Doctor of Philological Sciences and Senior Research Fellow of Matenadaran.
  The goal of this new work of Gohar Muradyan is to understand how does the Medieval Armenian reader know the Greek myths? The ancient Greek myths have also perceptible place in Christian and Byzantine literatures, and due to these close relations the separate narratives and episodes of myth have their place also in the compositions of Armenian authors. By researching from this side the bibliography of Medieval Armenian, the author of the book marks that in the middle ages the Armenians knew about Greek myths basically from late ancient and early Christian Greek compositions’ translations. In separate cases the Armenian authors made immediate use of originals. The gathered varied material certifies that the Armenian reader met different episodes of ancient Greek myths which weren’t always understandable and familiar to him in that century. That is why the Armenian material isn’t free of unrecognizable changed names and sometimes of the distorted plots.
Pieces from the originals are presented along with New Armenian translation. In circumstance of translated compositions from Greek are presented also appropriate pieces of original. The collection includes 154 episodes and all of them were preceded by the summary of the Greek myth’s classical version. The sequence of the episodes basically follows their disposition principle of Apollodorus’ “Mythology library”. In preface are presented the mythology names’ indexes with different transcriptions, translations and right forms for their writing.
For sponsoring the publication of book the Matenadaran and the “Friends of Matenadaran” Foundation announce their gratefulness to Maksim Hakobyan.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots