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       The goals of foundation:
1.    Support for the scientific researches, economical and other activities of the Matenadaran.
2.    The expansion of Armenian studies, preservation of manuscripts and the acquisition of contributions.
3.    The development of programs regarding of science, education, culture and new technology affairs, the preservation of spiritual-cultural values and increase of their public awareness that means to enhance the development and implementation of these programs and initiatives.
4.    Support for the implementation of the Matenadaran’s educational programs.
5.    Support for the implementation of Armenian studies’ new technologies in the Matenadaran.
6.    Support for the preservation and protection of the Matenadaran as a national wealth.
7.    Social, cultural, educational and scientific assistance for the workers of the Matenadaran.

      The Activities of Foundation
      The Foundation carries out the following types of activities:

1.    The development and implementation of scientific programs of the Matenadaran.
2.    The development and implementation of improvement programs of the Matenadaran.
3.    The development and implementation of conservation programs for the protection of the Matenadaran’s scientific, cultural and archival materials.
4.    The development of scientific and scientific research activities by the Matenadaran.
5.    Increase the public awareness of the importance of the Matenadaran’s treasures as well as protect its scientific, cultural and archival materials.
6.    To hold scientific and cultural meetings, public hearings of the conferences and exhibitions.
7.    To create a scientific cooperation (including international organizations) within the Matenadaran’s statutory laws.

The foundation’s uppermost supervisory managing body is the foundation’s Board of Trustees. The Board has five members.
       Hrachya Tamrazyan is the President of the Board of Trustees and the Director of the Matenadaran and the Honorary Chairman is His Holiness Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians.

     Board Members:
Father Asoghik Karapetyan - Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin Museum Director
Gurgen Gasparyan - Advisor to the Director of the Matenadaran
Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan - Department Head of the Matenadaran

     Board of Management:
Shushanik Khachikyan - Executive Director of the Foundation
Razmik Ohanian - Deputy Executive Director        

      The “Friends of Matenadaran” Foundation has published the following works:
•   With the patronage of “Calouste Gulbenkian” Foundation:
“Levon Khachikyan. Ashkhatutyunner” (Levon Khachikyan. Works), Volume I,      
 Hrant Tamrazyan “Erker” (Works), Volume IV,      
“Mayr Tsutsak” (Main Catalogue of Armenian Manuscripts of Mashtots Matenadaran),   Volume VII,
“Mayr Tsutsak” (Main Catalogue of Armenian Manuscripts of Mashtots Matenadaran),   Volume VI,   
Levon Khachikyan. 90. Collection of the Materials of the International Conference Dedicated to the Matenadaran’s Founder Director’s 90th Birthday Anniversary /October 9-11, 2008/,
“Matenagirk Hayots” (Armenian Classical Authors) Series, Volume XI, 10th century historiography,      
“Matenagirk Hayots” (Armenian Classical Authors) Series, Volume XII, 10th century historiography,     
“Matenagirk Hayots” (Armenian Classical Authors) Series, Volume X, 10th century historiography.      

•   With the Donations of “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine”:
Avet Avetisyan’s “Manrankarich Hovhannes Khiznatsi”  (Miniature painter Hovhannes Khiznatsi), Research/album,
Hasmik Badalyan’s “Sevrayi Grchutyan Kentrony” (The School of Miniature Painting of Skevra), Research/album,
Hovhannes Erznkatsi’s “Jarer ev Qarozner” (Speeches and Sermons),      
“Banber Matenadarani” (Herald of the Matenadaran), Scientific periodical,     
“Haghpati Avetarany” (Gospel of Haghpat), Album,      
“Arevelqi geghagrutyuny ev manrankarchutyuny” (Eastern Calligraphy and Miniature Painting), (in French) Album,
Nerses Shnorhali’s “Havatov Khostovanim” (I Confess With Faith),      
“Mesrop Khiznatsi,” Album