On January 17, a donation ceremony which has already become a tradition took place in Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran. The Mashtots Foundation of Matenadaran, which was established with the support of the Boston-Armenians Maria, Beatrice and Ruben Gheridians, has often received gifts from many donors. Two years ago, the Foundation acquired a new prominent friend and philanthropist, Ara Piliposyan (Arizona, USA). He expressed desire to create a fund in memory of, and named after, his parents. Mr. Piliposyan not only periodically makes donations but also actively participates in various programs of Matenadaran. This year for the first time he came to Armenia with his wife Alia who, during her first visit to Matenadaran, also made a valuable donation, thus joining the Foundation’s large family. The Director of Matenadaran Vahan Ter-Ghevondian expressed gratitude and awarded her with the Matenadaran commemorative medal.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots