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  In behaviors of our medieval famous bibliographers and workers are especially emphasized also their bibliography activities, which consist of gathering the old journals and creating the new others, combining past spiritual heritage and reviewing their great efforts, that became spiritual heroic lessons for future generations. Mesrop Mashtots (the first creator of the Matenadaran) and our specialists have created many matenadarans from early medieval to the new period of time by branching and connecting in the heart of the centuries. As eternal treasures they confronted to all disasters and led our people as a reasonable light.
  Like this was created also Mashtots Matenadaran. The illuminators of our culture and all generations participated for the creation, the whole nation as a spiritual unity. It is strong instinct result of our unity, collectivism, existence and our pledge of eternity.
  Matenadaran is our identity, flag, the State Emblem. It is, of course, a hymn that will sound forever.

Hrachya Tamrazyan