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  In lives of our renowned medieval authors special emphasis is also put on their bibliographical activities consisting of gathering old manuscripts, creating new ones, their diligent efforts to bring together and revise the spiritual heritage of the past that became lessons of spiritual valor for the future generations. Thus, starting with Mesrop Mashtots (the creator of the first Matenadaran), thanks to our bibliographers, from early medieval times to new eras, numerous matenadarans were created. During centuries, they have branched out and then brought together. As eternal values, they confronted all the calamities and, as fair light, guided our people.
  This is the way the Mashtots Matenadaran was created too; torchbearers of the culture and all generations, the entire nation participated to its inception as spiritual wholeness. It is the outcome of the powerful instinct of our great assemblage, unity and survival. It is the warranty of our perpetuity.
  Matenadaran is our identity, banner, our coat of arms. It is, fairly, a hymn that resonates eternally.

Hrachya Tamrazyan