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  The Matenadaran after Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts started works of digitization and web services of the manuscript collections in 2007 and is now continuing it.
In the sphere of digitization of ancient manuscripts, as well as from viewpoint of technologies used in that process, the Matenadaran accumulated considerable experience. Digitization of the manuscripts is imperious of the time first of all because the cultural values based on the material basis wear out sooner or later, but new technologies allow us to keep intact the digital images of these values and transmit them to future generations.
  The repositories of manuscripts and archival documents are located in the server system of Matenadaran. The maintenance of digitized manuscripts and archival documents is held through the computers located in the Matenadaran’s reading hall.
The main activities of the digitization department:
1. To digitize the medieval manuscripts and archival documents, as well as the collections of press and literature of Armenian studies kept in the library of the Matenadaran.
2. To index and insert the digital images of manuscripts and documents in the digital repositories.
3. To create appropriate software for coordination of the digital information.
4. To create thematic repositories according to the directions of Medieval Studies.
5. To serve to the armenologists abroad and the Matenadaran’s senior research fellows according to their applications.
6. To prepare high-quality digital images of miniatures for the Matenadaran’s album publications. For outside users this service is provided with director’s special permission according to the signed contracts.
7. To provide digital images of manuscripts and archival documents for outside users according to their applications and the standards and tariffs approved by the directorate.
8. To prepare and insert information of textual and other formats about Matenadaran’s activities at the Matenadaran’s website.
9. To complete website repositories (“Mayr Tsutsak”, “Matenagirk Hayots,” “Banber Matenadarani,” Gallery).
10. To follow uninterrupted work of the Matenadaran’s website.

Coordinator of the Department Gurgen Gasparyan
Tell.(010) 513029 Extension 1-97