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  The Matenadaran - Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots houses approximately 23.000 manuscripts, fragments and Armenian prayer scrolls. Equipped with modern facilities the depository holds many collections such as:
•    Armenian basic manuscripts
•    Armenian newest manuscripts
•    Armenian fragments
•    Armenian prayer scrolls
•    Manuscripts in Arabic script
•    Fragments in Arabic script
•    Armenian prayer scrolls in Arabic script
•    Foreign manuscripts
•    Foreign fragments
  The manuscripts have rating cards. Authorial alphabetical lists have been created for historiography, philosophy, grammar, geography, cosmology, medicine, alchemy, fiction (poetry and prose) and have also been created lists of materials included in Homilies and Gandzarans, and a list of ritual books (Haysmavurk (Synaxarion), Mashtots and etc.).
  In the depository are also kept auxiliary collections of microfilms, photocopies, slides and unpublished manuscript lists of the Matenadaran and other places.
  The depository is located on the second floor of Matenadaran’s scientific building. The internal reading hall is inside the depository, where the manuscripts originals are given only the readers with special permission.
  Thanks to the modern equipment of temperature and fire prevention system, the depository provides perfect conditions for preservation of manuscripts.

Head of the department Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan
PhD in Historical Sciences
Tel:(010) 510007 Extension 1-10