“Union of Young Researchers of the Matenadaran” NGO organizes Youth Conference IV on 28-30 of November.

 Reports can be submitted on the following topics:

- Manuscripts and Writing Centers,
- Source studies, historiography,
- History of Armenian Language,
- History of Armenian Literature,
- Art criticism,
- Oriental Studies,
- Theology, Religion Studies.

  The Organizing Committee has the following terms to effectively organize the work of the conference:
1. Prior to September 11, the bases of the reporting of about 350-400 words should be presented to the organizing committee of the conference, including the subject of the report, the name and surname of the participant, as well as the institution which reporter  presents (independent researchers may also participate). The bases should reflect the report and the purpose of the study.
 Please send the details to e-mail address:
2. The authors of the bases, which received positive opinions until October 20, will be able to present their reports on 28-30 of November at the conference taking place in Matenadaran.
 ATTENTION: Due to the number of applications received, the organizing committee of the conference will give preference to the medieval themes.

 Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots